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by Free Market Duck

Bush's Call Answered By Full Flex Gold As It Offers To Help Every Car Or Truck Owner Do Their Part To Stop Fossil Fuel Emissions

For Immediate Release

 --- With global warming and the rising cost of oil on Americans minds, Meridian, Idaho based Full Flex International (FFI) got its creative wheels spinning in its race to find an efficient and safe method to help people with their current vehicles enjoy the benefits of running on E85 in a matter of minutes. Our conversion kit works with the vehicles onboard ECU as well as its own microprocessors and automatically adapts to your fuel systems requirements. The Full Flex converter gives you the choice of using gas or E85 anytime you would like without the hassle of pushing buttons or flipping any switches. The installation is simple and quick. It does not alter the vehicles originality & it can be removed at any time, without damages.


FFI is proud to report that we are now the only 2007 OBD 2 E.P.A. compliant Ethanol conversion kit in the US. The process that brought FFI into leading the industry and becoming compliant with the E.P.A. was a great learning process. While completing the testing at Colorado State Universities EPA test facility our teams of engineers here in America as well as in Brazil worked diligently with a primary goal to meet the requirements set in place by the Environmental Protection Agency to make sure we were helping and not hurting the environment.

FFI’s is led by Alex Conger, Curtis Lacy and ASE certified technician Dan Lorenzo.  Dan is highly qualified to deal with and solve any problem in the area of automotive repair and diagnosis submitted by telephone, e-mail or by fax.  Alex and Curtis have extensive backgrounds in marketing and customer service and are responsible for developing the support material and day to day management of the company. Our highly qualified staff will help all our customers receive a better understanding of the Full Flex Gold converter and its operation.

   Ethanol is no longer confined to only being used by high performance sprint cars and hybrids. But now can be driven by the vehicles we have in our driveways all due to the Full Flex Gold. For more information on Full Flex International and how you can convert your car or truck, please visit .

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