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by Free Market Duck

Santa 'Clause' shows up to save Florida's Teachers' Union

Miami, Florida -- Yippee!  Santa 'Clause' has just arrived for the Florida Teacher's Union.

   The Florida's Supreme Court recently wiped out vouchers for students in Florida's failed Pub Ed System.  Not for religious reasons.  I.e., not because students were trying to use vouchers at parochial schools.

   The reason why 5 of the 7 Bozo Justices struck down FL's "Opportunity Scholarship" voucher program for private schools was due to a ridiculous interpretation of the FL Constitution's "uniformity" clause which mandates the Fairy Tale of "a uniform (one size fits all), efficient (ha-ha), safe (stick 'em up), secure and high quality (cough-cough) system of free (free? you've got to be kidding), public schools that allows students to obtain a high quality (ha-ha) education."

   Yo, Idahonians, does all of this sound very familiar?  It should.  The Idaho Constitution also mandates the same type of State Education Fairy Tales as Florida and is rapidly going bankrupt for the same economic reasons that all government bureaucracies always go bankrupt.  Take Amtrak, ... please.  Take Social Security.  Take Medicare.  Take Medicaid.  Take the US Post Office.  Take all the socialist countries of Europe, Asia, and South America.

   How much more empirical proof do we need to verify what free market economists have been saying for hundreds of years?  "Managing" the free market is an oxymoron -- are you listening, Federal Reserve Governors and Congress? -- and the free market rests upon the premise of individual freedom defined as mutually-agreed upon consent or non-infringements, not forced taxation for public education.  Education of our children is far far too important to be left to the statist government.

   The Florida Supreme Court Justices are playing with fire.  The citizens of America, especially the lower classes who are the most affected by this decision and are desperately trying to escape the State's horrible Govt Education System, are tired of the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Branches of government pretending that we live in a never-ending fascist-economic State in which Big Brother picks paper money off Money Trees in Washington DC to forcibly finance its citizens into living in Big Brother's Vision of Alice in Wonderland, a reincarnation of Mussolini's economic fascism in the 1930s and 40s.

   If the seven Santa Clauses comprising FL's Supreme Court think they can legislate "free...high quality" Public Education in Florida, then ya-yesss, girl friend, and I wish for a Mercedes Benz and Porsche to show up on my doorstep next week, too.  Let's apply these same State Fairy Tale hallucinations to other market commodities such as State Grocery Stores and see long it takes for Floridians to starve to death on the State's high quality virtual food.  "High quality free" education, my ass.

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