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by Free Market Duck

Boise’s Watergate morphs into Nampa's and Caldwell's Watergate to pay for Oregon community college in Idaho
(Nov 29, 2008)

 Former Idaho Supreme Court Justice Linda Copple Trout -- the same judge who suddenly switched lower court judges in the middle of the Boise Watergate scandal's Ada County Courthouse scam to allegedly "game" the outcome -- now rules via "judicial confirmation" that it's OK for the Nampa and Caldwell Urban Renewal Agencies to unconstitutionally go into multi-year debt without a 2/3 vote of the voters.

Dave Frazier, local citizen watch dog who won a recent Supreme Court battle vs. the same type of judicial shenanigans says it's not whether the project is "worthy" or "unworthy" in somebody's opinion, but rather how the project is funded.  Cities who use Urban Renewal Agencies to bypass the Idaho Constitution by pretending to be "private" institutions instead of "public" institutions (and thus exempt from spending law limits) are still in violation of the Idaho Constitution -- clever judges notwithstanding.

A second constitutional issue is:  why should Idahoans pay for an Oregon community college, TVCC -- especially since Ada and Canyon County taxpayers were recently tricked by a "gamed," targeted home mail-in ballot, off-date election, into paying for a new Idaho community college, College of Western Idaho, 9 miles away from Oregon's TVCC (Treasure Valley Community College) located within Idaho?

Boise, ID – Whoa, girl friends, pull up the floor and pour yourselves another hot cup of Rocket Java.  The tricky bureaucrats are after your wallets again.

   As predicted by author Deep Throat II in his 2006 book, Boise's Watergate: University Place & All The Governor's Men, if the crooks in Boise's Watergate were not brought to justice -- and they weren't -- there will be more and more Boise Watergates occurring throughout Idaho in the future.

   Well, surprise-a-roonie!  The future is here and so are the Urban Renewal Agency crooks and their political buddies pulling off the same old judicial tricks to force the taxpayers to pay for what the politicians want, not what you want.

   There is no need to rehash how the Bad Guys are tricking the system to unconstitutionally run around the Idaho Constitution and go into multi-year debt when you can read all about it (and laugh your butt off) in the original Boise's Watergate book (click here) .  Simply change the name "Boise" to "Nampa" or "Caldwell."  It's almost exactly the same game, plus you get a free Ghirradeli Chocolate Brownie recipe at the end of Chapter 1, The Cookie Monsters, slurp, slurp.  Send a copy of Boise's Watergate to your local politicians for Christmas. -- Deep Throat II

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