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by Free Market Duck

Ted Kennedy: “Lion of the Senate” or Drunken Homicide at Chappaquiddick?
Sep 1, 2009

Arlington Cemetery, VA – How ironic:  from cemetery to cemetery.  At the first cemetery, near Dike’s Bridge about 1 hour before driving off into the canal-pond where Mary Jo Kopechne was left in the back seat of a car to drown overnight, drunken Senator Ted Kennedy allegedly fooled around for about an hour with his deceased older brother’s, Bobby Kennedy’s, former administrative assistant, Mary Jo Kopechne.  Transcripts of Kennedy’s supposed attempts to “save” Mary Jo are rife with contradictions upon contradictions upon contradictions, some directly from Kennedy’s seemingly made-up account, some from other witnesses.

   The secret transcripts of the secret inquest can now be read at the FBI’s Web posting, obtained by the Freedom of Information Act, at .  The transcripts make for very interesting court room reading as the prosecutor/inquirer politely grills Senator Kennedy in a back and forth Perry Mason style of interrogation in which Kennedy stumbles, fumbles, and contradicts himself all over the place.

   Later, at the second cemetery, Arlington Cemetery in Virginia, the so-called “Lion of the Senate” is eulogized as the second coming combo of Jesus Christ and Mother Theresa, saving everybody in the world from poverty, famine, illiteracy, and sickness.

   How shall we remember Senator Ted Kennedy?  As a Welfare Statist “Lion in the Senate,” or a drunken coward who may have committed negligent homicide against a poor young woman trapped in an overturned car near Chappaquiddick by possibly falsifying his so-called rescue account AND never once during those “rescue” attempts tried to notify the police, the nearby fire department, Mary Jo’s friends at the party, or anybody at any home near the accident site or at the Inn where Kennedy was staying until the next morning after his upside down car had already been discovered in the shallow canal-pond by some youths and reported to the police?

   If you believe the major news media, Kennedy is more Jesus than our current national socialist President Barack Obama.  He authored or co-authored some 2,500 legislative bills, mostly Welfare State bills in keeping with his – and his mother, Rose’s – Catholic moral philosophy of self sacrifice of the individual to the collective.  You know, the public good.  It’s their moral duty, said Rosie.  Translated into plain English, this means if you’re a public servant, then it’s your job to implement a Welfare State to rob Peter to pay Paul while simultaneously robbing Paul to pay Peter as a religious moral obligation enforced by the collective coercive power of force, ultimately at the point of a gun, which is the definition of government.  Big Brother acts as the Thugocracy Broker by using either taxation or deficit financing, or both, to implement someone’s idea of a Welfare State, which in the Kennedy household was a virtue.

   God only knows how many millions of lives have been adversely affected and trillions of taxpayer dollars have been redistributed and squandered on the waste, fraud, and abuse brought about by Senator Ted Kennedy’s legislative road to serfdom, dragging Americans through the failures of public education, public welfare, and now through an attempt at Obama’s and Kennedy’s multi-trillion dollar boondoggle of pending national socialist health care.

   If you believe the transcript of Kennedy’s secret inquiry at Chappaquiddick, however, a far different profile emerges:  namely, one of a rich drunken womanizer who took great pains to allegedly lie about the account of Mary Jo Kopechne’s death at Chappaquiddick.  Causing the death of somebody through drunk driving is not murder, but it is manslaughter.  Concealing the facts of the case is not only perjury, it is obstruction of justice.  It is also grounds for removal from the U.S. Senate, which, of course, did not happen.

   Worse than the profile of Ted Kennedy’s morality at Chappaquiddick, however, is our U.S. Justice system, proving that a rich, drunken, Welfare State politician can “game” the system to get away with what, in our opinion, appears to have been a clear cut case of drunken homicide, or manslaughter.  How hypocritical for a 47-year Congressional politician to run for office on the Catholic morality of “helping others” while allegedly allowing a “lover” or friend to drown in order to cover up the fact of his drunk driving, womanizing, and God only knows what else.

   Hey, supposition, supposition, maybe Mary Jo was pregnant, I don’t know.  It was not mentioned in the autopsy report because an autopsy was never performed but I wouldn’t be surprised if Kennedy and Mary Jo had been carrying on previously for quite a while after Bobby died and she may have told him some bad news, like, oops I’m pregnant.  If that was true, and I’m not saying it is, then this case would move from manslaughter to possible murder.  Motive and intent to do nothing to save her on purpose would open up a whole new ball game but we have no proof whatsoever for such a claim and do not make it here or anywhere else.

   The upshot is:  Ted Kennedy was not a “lion” of the Senate or anything else; he was a “pussy” without the moral cajones to do all he could to save a drowning woman who he drove off a Bridge at Chappaquiddick. – FM Duck

P.S.  Major Chappaquiddick inquiry inconsistencies:

1.  First, Kennedy said the car’s driver side window was open, then a few questions later, he said it was closed, then later he said it was open.  The coroner’s report said both driver’s side and passenger side windows were open.  Mary Jo’s body was not found in the front seat; it was found in the back seat.  That's strange.  Do bodies fly backwards when a car hits a brick wall?  Only in Kennedy's universe.  Air bubbles kept her alive for awhile but since nobody contacted the police or emergency fire department nearby, nobody showed up with equipment to save or help revive her.  Instead, Kennedy said he repeatedly dove down the few feet to save her 3-4 times for 15-20 minutes, gave up, sat on shore for another 15-20 minutes to rest, then “stumbled” for another 15-30 minutes back to the party to surreptitiously obtain help from only two people whom he informed within the private confines of one of their cars.  Then the three men drove back to the scene of the crime, oops, I mean accident, and spent another 30-45 minutes trying to dive down and save her, they said in the inquiry transcripts.  Even after they failed nobody contacted the police, the fire department, the ferry operator who was on call across the street, or any home nearby to call for help, or the people back at the party, or the innkeeper where Kennedy or the other two men were staying UNTIL after 8 am – 9 am the next morning.  That’s an absolutely incredible story.  Neither Kennedy nor his two buddies knocked on anybody’s door for help or phoned emergency or the police.  Phone records did show, however, some 9-15 private telephone calls were made by Kennedy and/or his two buddies all through the night but not for Mary Jo’s help; it was for Kennedy’s help, or should we say apparent future cover-up story?  Kennedy called lawyers, family, friends, and everybody except the cops or emergency.

2.  Kennedy said he got out of the car, how he did it he said he doesn’t know, but that the “strong” current – subsequently revealed as “not strong” -- carried him 30-40 feet downstream.  Then he waded back on the side because of the alleged “strong” current and swam over to the upside down car.  He said he could see the front of the car since the headlights were still on… under water.  Hmm, let me see now.  The car’s engine was not running so the lights could not have been running off the alternator or generator.  So the lights must have been on from the car’s battery, right?  Buzz, wrong.  Not possible unless GM builds completely sealed, waterproof battery terminals, waterproof battery cables wired to the lights and a waterproof light switch to the dash, which I truly doubt.  If I drop a car battery or any other battery into water, the water will immediately short circuit both terminals, since water is a great conductor of electricity, and burn out the battery like real fast.  One cannot submerge a car into a lake or river or any body of water with the battery keeping the lights on because car batteries cannot function under water.  Remember all the Colombo murder mysteries or James Bond stories in which the Bad Guy electrocutes the victim by pushing the plugged-in lamp or heater into the bath tub and fries the crap out of the person taking a bubble bath?  Same story if one dumps a car battery into a river with the lights on.  You may fry a few nearby fish with the powerful car battery as it shorts out but it won’t keep the lights on for over a fraction of a second before the battery simply burns out.  Don’t try this experiment at home.  Plenty of home mechanics have inadvertently touched the hot red positive terminal of their car battery with the metal portion of a tool while touching the negative pole or a metal grounded portion of the vehicle and fried their little butts as it shorts out the battery through their body.  It usually doesn’t totally kill the battery in the garage mechanic’s case since they drop the metal tool like quicksticks and are not under water in their garage.  If they don’t drop the tool they can be killed instantly.  The point is that Kennedy couldn’t possibly have seen the car’s lights still shining under water while trying to save Mary Jo because his account doesn’t jive with the known laws of physics RE car batteries operating head lights under water.  Maybe he had a James Bond submarine car made by “Q?”

3. Kennedy said he didn’t see any lights on at homes nearby.  Really?  The home right across the bridge had a night light on all night, said the home owner.  A red light was on at the nearby fire department.  Lights on at the party.  Lights on at his Inn.  At any rate, so what?  You don’t need a light on at a house to knock on the door during an emergency.  And especially at the party still going on and at the Inn to which Kennedy amazingly “swam” across another lake for hundreds of yards after he said he was dead tired instead of calling for the on-call ferry whose phone number was posted right there at the dock.  Also amazing, at the same time, 12:30 am, a little motor boat was stolen and left on the side of the lake near the Inn.  Hmm, what a coinkydink.  Maybe he didn’t swim.  Who knows?

4.  Lots more questions not answered or even asked at the secret inquiry which was only made available after being forced by a request RE the Freedom of Information Act.  Log onto and check it out for yourself.

   Again, this is not a RIP eulogy for Senator Ted Kennedy.  This is a RIP eulogy for Mary Jo Kopechne, the true victim.  And it is not against Kennedy per se that we reveal the FBI’s Chappaquiddick transcript information.  He’s dead, who cares?  It is against Kennedy’s bankrupt and hypocritical moral philosophy of altruistic state collectivism espoused by him and all the mindless news journalists, TV pundits, and Congressional idiots that we bring up the Chappaquiddick transcripts because too many Bozos busy eulogizing their favorite Welfare Statist for his Welfare Statist ideas have no idea about the true personality of this man and what happened in this case.  I tell ya, girl friends, it’s enough to make anybody who believes in individual rights, the U.S. Constitution, free market capitalism and the proper role of government in a limited republic to slug back a few rums and coke, drink “a third of a can of beer,” quote unquote from the Kennedy transcripts, and drive off a cliff. – FM Duck

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